Make your beats and songs sound better. Let me improve the quality of your tracks. A solid mix for many people is what takes the sound of their recordings from amateur to professional.

Payment will be handled through Paypal. I ask for half up front, to be sent once I have all the necessary files and we have agreed on a price and timeframe. The second half you pay once you are satisfied with the mix; I will send tagged versions of the song to you during this process for you to preview, then once you are satisfied and send the second half of payment I will send you a .wav and .mp3 of the track without tags.

A beat mix (no vocals) is $40.

For full songs, the price varies based on the number of tracks in a project and I can give you a definite price once you send me the files for the song and I can look them over. If you are just sending me a .wav or .mp3 file of the beat, and a couple vocal files, the price is likely to be about $40. If you are sending me the stems for the beat as well as your vocal tracks, estimate $3-5 per track after 4. I am more than willing to negotiate however, so shoot me an email and we can talk.